About Me


Welcome to my blog.

Though initially I would love to tell you who are my inspirations, how much I love my dog, sleeping in in the morning,  and so forth. I would like to reserve that for my blog itself.

Like many girls I’ve had a fascination for make up (I’ve only really started wearing make up after college), and fashion (I’m still discovering my stylish alter ego). My first love was actually art, and it’s because of my creativity that I spread out to more tangible and instant mediums like make up & fashion.

I’ve been planning to start my blog years ago but I only got around to doing it now. I actually started with make up tutorials on youtube where I would make tutorials on Kpop looks, and the amount of stored art creations just gathering dust in storage. My friend pushed me into doing this and I’m glad I did it because I get to share whatever I have made on my blog.

I hope that you can support me and my blog, I’ll be so grateful to know that people appreciate what I’m sharing.

Watch me grow into a better artist & blogger.

Krisan SIG


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