Review: Aritaum Mono Eyes Eyeshadow

Nothing feels better than finding a beauty diamond on a vacation trip! The sheer number of beauty brands in Korea made me wish I had more cash to burn.



FROM: Aritaum in Myeongdong, Seoul

PRICE: KRW  5,000  for 2 (Promo)

After watching a few Korean beauty clips, my eyes were instantly drawn to these individual pots of eyeshadow that come in more than fifty different shades and variations. It was perfect timing that I had discovered them because in a couple of weeks I would be going to Seoul, South Korea.

I already budgeted my money for make up and I was set on buying just 3 or 4 pots but it just so happened that there was a 1 +1 promo (buy one, take one) when I was there! The girls were going crazy in the Aritaum store in Myeongdong and some of the colors weren’t in stock but the great thing about make up road shops is that there would be another store a block or two away.


The packaging is simple and sophisticated with the “Mono Eyes” brand printed on it.  I like that it has a clear top so the color of the product is visible and that it opens like a compact. The color of the eyeshadow is indicated under.

The only thing I didn’t like is the tin the product was placed in. It gets out of place, perhaps because of the weak adhesive used, but that can be easily fixed. I just make sure to double check before opening the top so I don’t accidentally drop the product.

However, I later found out that tin is loose because Aritaum has an empty case where you can make your own eyeshadow palette. Now you can get all your favorite colors and refill them as well!


Pressed Glitter Type: No. 30-Gold Lining, No. 98 -Ready To Party & No. 113-Candy Drops


Pressed Matte Type: No.78-Last Pick, No. 105-Vintage Look & No.89-Brown Stone


Pressed Satin Glitter: No. 95-Stand By Me & No. 71-Spicy Touch


I’m in love with their pigments and all the colors they come in! It was so hard choosing because some of the colors were very similar, it was the shimmer or the tone that made a difference.

There are more than 100 different shades and colors to choose from among the 6 different type: Baked, Cream, Pressed Glitter, Pressed Matte, Pressed Satin Glitter and Wet Processed.

In terms how long they wear, I’d say around 4-5 hours? I’ve used them in a photoshoot and the color was still as vibrant from the time I first applied it.


Pressed Glitter

Has a “Multiple Prism Effect;” Vivid Glitters

No. 30-Gold Lining: Is made up of gold glitters and would probably be used on top of gold eyeshadow to enhance the color.

 No. 98 -Ready To Party: It is a very pale, almost silver, kind of pink. Part of the new 2016 Blossom Collection.

No. 113-Candy Drops: Has different shades of pink and gold glitters. This is my favorite! I like how the light reflects on the different colors and makes it really eye catching.


Pressed Matte

Matte silky coverage & can be used as a base color

No.78-Last Pick: I like deep navy color of this.It can give a different take of the dark smoky look.

No.89-Brown Stone: I love how cool and dark this color is, I find some browns to be too warm.

No. 105-Vintage Look: I fell in love with this flamingo shade. It was the perfect in between of pink and red. Plus, it really stands out on the eyes.


Pressed Satin Glitter

Shimmer Type with a glossy finish

No. 95-Stand By Me: This is a color I immediately grabbed. I love the rich wine color and how it looks like when applied onto my skin.

No. 71-Spicy Touch: It reminded me of goldfish scales.It has fine gold shimmer with gives the orange eyeshadow different dimension.


I got it at such a steal!  KRW 5,000 is around 200 PHP so that is a steal in itself, but if you divide that price into two then each eyeshadow I got was only 100 PHP! So I only spent KRW 20,000 / 880 PHP for 8 colors…Can’t get any better than that!

I really want every single color from Mono Eyes (perhaps when I go back to Korea).

It is a major bargain since the pigments are great, they have a WIDE selection to choose from and it is super affordable as well.



I love this product, especially their glitter and matte lines, because it is super affordable and any make up junkie can customize their own eyeshadow palette. This is the perfect go to item especially when a new color is in trend because I don’t have to spend an arm and a leg for great, quality pigments. Plus, they always have new collections every season!

The only downside is  that I just wish I could easily but it from an Aritaum road shop, but I’d have to go to Seoul for that.

If you want buy this product can head on over to ibuybeauti if you aren’t headed South Korea anytime soon.

’til the next post lovelies!




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