{event + play} #IAmFlawless Launch

I was part of the Flawless Beauty Circle last year, and I was so grateful to have been invited to their 2015 launch of the same program. I got really lucky last year. I never would have imagined getting into the top 3 and becoming one of Flawless’ brand ambassadors.

As soon as I entered their headquarters, the abundance of pink overwhelmed me. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate the color pink, its just that every time I go to Flawless “pink” is the first word that pops in my head.

We sat through a slideshow explaining what the ‘#IAmFlawless’ Launch is all about.

It was generally the same concept as the program last year, but we were given cards to track our progress throughout the program. The host also said it was a way of “giving back” to the loyal clients.


There was also a very interesting portion where a loyal customer, Jena Florendo, shared her acne journey. She shared how it was so hard to get rid of her acne to the point where she wasn’t confident in herself at all. She spent a lot of money on expensive treatments but instead of her skin healing, it seemed to stay stuck in the same condition.

I could totally relate to what she was saying since I remember going to the derma, getting pricked and bruised, then having to heal, and go through the whole process again. It would be great if going through all that pain amounted to better skin, but it didn’t.

It wasn’t until she took a chance and tried out Flawless, which was the most affordable facial at the time, and she recorded her journey. She literally became a believer when her skin improved by going back to the clinic to get her monthly facial. On a projected slideshow there were before and after pictures she sent to Flawless to show how much her skin had improved.


A celebrity guest made an appearance after the interview. This year Flawless endorser Maxene Magalona showed up to give a short review on the services she likes and how they work for her. While endorsers are expected to give good reviews of the brands they endorse, I could see the progress Maxene had made from when I saw her last year.

That means that the Flawless services she used really worked.



Here are some of the other pictures from the launch!



With my friend Phya Pineda of Stylecentric.

DSC05001 DSC05005 DSC05010

One of the things I really like about the brand is how they value confidence in women and how it makes people feel great about themselves.

I didn’t struggle with major skin issues, but I didn’t really see the whole point of having great skin if I could just cover up with make up. To be honest I was really lazy when it came to skincare.

It wasn’t until I joined the #IAmFlawless program last year that I actually saw the value of taking really good care of my skin. I could see the results from the facials I would get from their clinic services and also from the skincare routine they recommended. I would feel confident and that sense of accomplishment when I see my skin improving.

I’m not saying this because I’m included in the program. I’m just sharing my experience with their services because they worked for me, and they might just work for you too.

Check out the other services of Flawless on their Official Site.

Like them on Facebook too!


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