{beauty + play} Urban Harajuku Glam Make Up

I had a photoshoot last week for clothes by Char Rillon, and for the first time I had modeled clothes. I’m not used to it, and by no means am I an expert at modeling, I was more used to profile shots than using my own body.

I played make up artist to 3 models (including myself) and had a urban glam look. We ( the creative team ) wanted a harajuku inspired look, and we decided to play on harajuku punk for the shoot.

Here are some new additions to my portfolio.

  HarajukuJaneeva02 WM

HarajukuJaneeva01 WM

Model: Janeeva Verceles

I was inspired by a goldfish and the colors of their scales. Since her hair and skin color was extremely contrasting, I wanted to make her look something like a china doll.

HarajukuArianne01 WM

HarajukuArianne02 WM

Model: Arianne Gonzaga

I was thinking futuristic kawaii punk princess. Wow, that was long.

This look mainly focuses on the pop of colors on her eyes. I didn’t want to make the lips stand out too much, she suggested a dark plum color and we decided to go with that.

HarajukuKrisan FB

Model: Krisan Jacomina

I did my own makeup, and I chose bronze and black as the colors for my eye make up. This was mainly so that I could match the clothes that were given to me. The burgundy lip and cheek makes the look vampiric.

I’ll be posting pictures from our shoot as soon as they get published.

Photos Taken by Erujie Sinchoco

Editing by Krisan Jacomina


Krisan SIG


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