{beauty + play} Make Up Care: Know When To Throw Out Your Make Up!

I admit it, I’m a bit of a hoarder and I use my products for as long as I can just so I know I’m getting my money’s worth. I can do it with clothes, shoes, and bags, but keeping your make up for too long is a whole different story.

I’ll be honest, even I wasn’t aware of such rules when it came to make up, but it is important to keep your skin healthy and it will also be safer for you in the long run.

To help you, I’ve answered the questions that bug anyone who has just learned about this.

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Q. How do we know when to throw make up?

There are 2 things to keep in mind: Manufacturing Date & Opening Date.

The manufacturing date is when the product was made, and the time that you can keep it unused is much longer than the time you can keep an opened product. This is typically referred to as the shelf life of a product. The general shelf life for products is 3 years, but this may vary on the company producing the products and also because of certain ingredients.

The opening date is the date you opened the product. When you open a product, you expose it to air, and from that moment on you will have to keep using it. Why? The lifespan of a product that has been opened is much shorter compared to the shelf life, but this can vary depending on the products being used.

Q. There aren’t any indications on what the date on the box/product is. How do I tell which is which?

The manufacturing date is usually printed on the product or on the packaging it came in. If it isn’t there then just look for the expiration date. There is always a date that is printed on the product.

So if it doesn’t have the letters EXP on it, expect it to be the MD/manufacturing date. From there you will be able to gauge how long you can leave it on the shelf.


Q. How else can I tell that a make up product has gone bad?

Use your sense of smell. If the product starts smelling funky, then you should definitely toss it into the trash bin.

Sometimes things will start growing on the products, like molds, especially if it is in a moist/damp environment. That is another sign you should get rid of your make up.

Q. Can we use a product that was opened a day before the expiration date?

Of course you can, but just remember to keep in mind the lifespan of the product after you’ve started using it. The expiration date printed on the box/product is an indication when the shelf life of a product is over.

If you start using the product before the expiration date, you will now follow the lifespan of the product starting from your opening date.

Look at the chart, if you’re still a bit confused!

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 8.02.16 PM

Don’t get tempted to use a product that is way past it’s expiration date. It just isn’t worth the risk.

Rashes, acne, and possible infections could be in that little package. It would be much safer to just toss it in the garbage bin and get a new product with an expiration date that is stamped to expire 2 years later.

Have you ever used a product past it’s deadline?


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