{ beauty + play } Beauty Haul: Thailand Skincare from HappyHaulerPH


I have been really curious about the Thai skincare products I’ve been seeing around the net and on Instagram. At first I didn’t really pay much attention to it, but after a while I started getting more and more willing to try it out.

I had found HappyHaulerPH on Facebook because I was looking for Naturactor make-up. I really wanted to get the concealer/foundation but I wanted to finish the foundation make up I currently have. They had a large selection of products to choose from and it usually has a description of what it is for.

The Thai soaps are the most intriguing. There are so many different kinds, its a good thing that the images say what it is for. It can range from whitening, whitening for sensitive skin, body acne, scars, and the like. I wanted to buy all of it just to try it out, but I wanted the products I really needed.

I’ve been reading a lot about SOS Leg Panic, and my curiosity has led me to buy it. I’m heavier on my lower body and I wanted to see if this actually works.

I will be posting reviews on these products very soon! I’m so excited to see the results of these.

Visit Happy Hauler PH to check out their products.


Krisan SIG


2 thoughts on “{ beauty + play } Beauty Haul: Thailand Skincare from HappyHaulerPH

  1. Hello!

    Did you finish taking Leg Panic SOS? πŸ™‚ Was it effective? I’m heavy on the lower parts too and I’m interested in taking it.


    • I suggest you try a packet first, it may vary per person πŸ™‚ It was effective for me though! but its not like an instant magic fix,.However, when I stopped using it my legs did gain what I’ve lost ( also because I lacked exercise.)

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