{beauty + play} Review: BB Lavshuca by Kanebo

My lips are probably one of the most sensitive parts of my face. I get really dry skin when the weather changes and my lips are usually the first part to get extremely chapped.

I got this product when I went on a trip to Japan last year. I never really got the chance to use it until now, because it was hiding in my make up cabinet.


BB Lavshuca comes in two colors, Pink and Red. I wasn’t really sure how the color would look like on my lips so I took the safe route and got the pink color.

The name of the product may sound quite odd since “BB” is usually associated to BB Creams, but the reason why it is called BB Lavshuca is because of many things the lip gloss can do. It’s like a all in one multipurpose product.


Though everything is in Japanese, the products best attributes is that it acts like a color corrector, has SPF21 and Jojoba Oil. These 2 ingredients make the product worth the buy because apart from having moist and hydrated lips, having protected lips is also important.


The packaging is simple and tiny. The tube is just as big as the palm of my hand, and my hands are quite small.

The lipgloss costs ¥630, and has about 8 grams of product. The target market is probably teens because it’s really cheap and small so it can be brought anywhere and isn’t too garish for school.


The pink color is very light, and comes off as almost clear. When I applied the lip gloss on my lips, there was a slight change but nothing that is too noticeable. The consistency is somewhat goopy and thick. I’m not a big fan of sticky glosses, but I can over look that because it kept my lips hydrated the whole day.

I tried wearing it the whole day and the product stayed on. I was really happy also with how natural it looked on my lips.


– Acts like a multipurpose product

– Natural lip color

– Long lasting

– Affordable


– Can be bought only in Japan, or online

– Sticky, consistency

– Only 8 grams of product


I would love to try to buy this again, but I’d have to travel all the way in Japan. I’d probably get this to hydrate my lips through the cold and dry weather, but otherwise I’d rather settle for my everyday beeswax lipbalm.

Have you ever tried this brand before?


Krisan SIG



9 thoughts on “{beauty + play} Review: BB Lavshuca by Kanebo

      • Oh awesomeee! ❤ I've only ever tried Candy Doll, Canmake and Jill Stuart so I'm not familiar with other Japanese brands. I'll start looking more into them now though, especially this brand! ^^

      • Canmake is a brand that is more for teens. Try fake lashes, Dolly wink is the most popular but there are so many brands in Japan. They’re all great quality so your style preference is all that matters. Try going for Majolica Majorca too, I use their mascara. They also have the most adorable packaging I’ve seen. Right now, I’m really into Japanese skincare though :))

      • Yes I’ve heard so much about Dolly Wink lashes! :O I do need to try those! I’ve heard the Majolica Majorca mascaras are perfect for shorter straight lashes! Thanks for the recommendations! 🙂 I haven’t tried any Japanese skincare at all! :O

      • Dolly Wink lashes are really big in Japan 🙂 Search for Eyemazing also. Their generic brands are also really good too. I use Majolica Majorca, they last the whole day and dont smudge 🙂 I’m gonna review my new mascara soon 🙂

      • Yeah! I’ve looked at them before and I can see why they are! They’re so gorgeous! 🙂 Thank you, I’ll check out Eyemazing too! 😀 The mascara sounds amazing! Yay, totally looking forward to reading your review!

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