{art + play} Lolita Series: Shiro Lolita


Ink + Watercolor on paper, 2014.

Finally, I’ve finished this series! I’ve been visualizing the whole series for quite sometime but I’ve always been having moments where I just procrastinate rather than actually get things done.

Not a lot of people know about the shiro lolita because people don’t really know much about the various types of lolitas there are. The most popular lolitas are the hime, sweet, and maid types.

Shiro lolitas literally mean “white lolita” and shiro is the japanese word for the color white.

These lolitas are dressed in all white. From the top of their heads to the shoes on their feet. On some occasions, some lolitas don pastel color wigs or opt to go for a white wig as well. Their alter egos would be the kuro lolitas who wear all black ensembles.

I was really glad with how she came out, I was starting to doubt how this would look like and I kept re-sketching her because I couldn’t decided what I wanted. When I had finished inking it, I was really happy with how it turned out because she had the mysterious aura I was going for. I also took the liberty of putting on harajuku styled make up that complimented her very girly dress.

I used pink as the contrasting color because it gave the whole illustration a feminine appeal.

Since this series had turned out so well, I’m already cooking up ideas for my next illustration series!


My favorite accessories are the eye patch and the bag.


Krisan SIG


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