{sound + play} AOA “Miniskirt” Cover

AOA is the first girl group produced by FNC and I really liked them because they knew how to play instruments as a band and not as a group that just danced and sang. They made an uber sexy comeback this year with “Miniskirt”, and from then on they reigned the airwaves with “Short Hair” and their most recent “Like a Cat” promotions.

I wasn’t set on creating a full cover of this song, it sort of just happened. I started doing each part, then the harmonies, and when I saw it was almost finished I just took the cover seriously.

The most difficult part in this cover is the “ohhh” part at the chorus. I almost gave up doing the whole cover because my harmonies were all over the place, but the competitiveness in me didn’t want to give up, so i worked on salvaging the sound.

I hope you guys will appreciate this cover even if you guys won’t be able to understand the words 🙂

Here it is!


Krisan SIG


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