{sound + play} False Apart Album + MV Launch!

A couple of months ago I blogged about a make up gig I had with my friend’s band, and I said I was going to be updating on them. I may have been a month late, but their music video had finally been released and I also headed over to their album launch to show my support on their band’s milestone.

Their sound reminds me of some j-rock songs I like listening to, and even the band members are influenced by j-rock too.




My signed album! I love the illustrations.


         End! Fans, Friends and Family filled the venue ’til it was full. Photo by Red Rivera.


This was taken during “The Flight Song”. Photo by Red Rivera.

I heard a couple of their songs before, because I would go to their gigs to support them, so I was already familiar with their sound. It was my first time hearing the rest of the new songs they whipped up. “The Flight Song” is officially my new favorite song off their album, I like how it builds up to the background chanting and has the audience really get to feel like their part of the whole sound.

I recall talking with Arianne, the bassist/vocalist, saying that they rarely got any sleep because they really wanted to deliver their album on time. I’m very proud of them though, for being able to achieve something like this in such a short amount of time. I really hope that they grow as a band with their sound and that more people will get to hear the stories their music has.

Check out the music video of their debut single “Nothing’s Left, Nothing’s Right”!

Here is a preview of all the tracks they have on their first album.

Can’t wait to hear more from them.


With my friend Arianne, female lead vocalist/bassist of False Apart.

Please support False Apart and Pinoy Rock!

You can visit their facebook page HERE to know more about them and get updates on their gigs.


Krisan SIG


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