{beauty + play} Experiment: Chanel S/S 2014 Haute Couture Make Up

I like playing with make up, its like painting on a 3D canvas.

I did the Haute Couture Look for Dior S/S 2010 the last time. It was such a successful experiment, I had decided to go on and re-create more runway looks (or any look that really interests me). As I was scanning some of the haute couture looks, I saw the Haute Couture Look for Chanel S/S 2014. I love anything that is sparkly and alien looking, and this one had a haunting quality to it, so I was sold on doing this look.


I loved how the highlight was the eyes, and it was done without using a lot of color.The glitters under the eyes catch light and it reacts a little bit like a prism, so there as subtle colors that can be seen. My personal taste in make up/fashion is usually basics, neutrals, and pale colors. I only use colors to highlight. So this look is 100% my style.

  KMUp Dior10 2 KMUp Dior10 3

I used pinches of silver, opalescent,and rainbow glitters. They gave off a similar effect as the original look. If you want for something a little more 3D, try getting glitters in various sizes.

Keep the foundation very clean, and balanced. The countouring color I used was an ash brown since I wanted to keep everything as muted down as possible.

To make sure that the eyes stand out, groom and draw in the eyebrows well to achieve a sleek and put-together look.


Krisan SIG


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