New Youtube Uploads Soon!

I have retrieved all the files I thought I lost!

Now I can finally get back to video editing, and posting up new make up tutorials. I have so many ideas in my head right now that it gets harder and harder to go to bed earlier.

I’ll hopefully upload a new tutorial this month. It’ll be in a new format because I reformatted my computer and lost a few of my files. Don’t worry, the names of my “shows” will still be the same!

Mirror x Mirror will be for all my makeup tutorials. Right now I’m focusing on Kpop but I hope to expand into other looks to copy too. On my potential tutorials list are Disney, seasonal looks, and Halloween Looks.

Bed:Head is for my hair tutorials. I’m also still focusing on Kpop, but it looks like I will be changing it up a bit by adding some of my own hair tips and such.

Eye Spy is for my reviews/questions on beauty/fashion. I’m not sure about keeping this show since most of my time gets eaten up by the tutorials. I also would rather post on my blog about reviews since it will be much easier and more extensive in text. I may re-brand this into something else in the future.

Right now those are my only 3 shows, and I hope to add more soon. Perhaps when I have more time and if laziness doesn’t drag me into bed.

Other uploads will be just covers of songs. I like singing, so I do that as a hobby apart from dancing and everything else.

Anyways, please look forward to it!


Krisan SIG


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