My Kind of Workout


I always procrastinate when I hear the word “exercise”. I know it isn’t a good thing, to procrastinate, but exercise just doesn’t motivate me to religiously do it everyday.

In short, it just doesn’t cut it.

Keeping a healthy lifestyle is something I really want to  pursue and that can’t be done if there isn’t a slot for exercise.

It’s not that I hate exercise all together, its just I don’t like the conventional way of exercising. I don’t like going to a gym to work out and just exercise with some machines and weights. I want something productive, dynamic, and something fun. That’s why my choice of exercise is dance.

All I need is music and my body just starts moving to the beat. I get completely focused that I can dance for 5-6 hours straight and not even notice the time go by. I keep moving, watching the silhouette my body makes, creating an image with the music, expressing what I’m feeling at the moment, and then seeing all the hard work I put into a piece. The story of the music and my expression gets told, and then every ounce of sweat I’ve shed becomes worthwhile. It’s much more satisfying when you dance with more people, and even more satisfying when what you’re dancing gets appreciated by others.

As long as I have my two feet and I can still follow a beat, I’ll chose dance over hitting the gym any day.

And when that day comes when all I have left is the gym…nah, I don’t think that’s going to happen.


Krisan SIG


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