{beauty + play} Review: Sweet Closet by Kose

On a wonderful family trip to Osaka, Japan I chanced upon a nail polish sale as I was weaving in and out the aisles of a drugstore I had entered in Shinsaibashi. It was a buy one take one deal for ¥300 I just couldn’t pass up. There we so many colors to choose from, but the catch was they were already packed with a complimentary shade. These packs don’t have names attached to them so I shall call my purchases the vintage color set and the fairy color set.

blogkose 1

( From Left to Right: SP 006 , PU 100, PK800, BE 304)

The vintage colors are the antique beige and a muddy grey, and the fairy colors are the sparkly pink and the pale lilac.

 blogkoseblogkose 3blogkose2blogkose 4

I love the colors I picked because I like going really girly or edgy when it comes to dressing. My favorite colors out of my purchases would have to be the lilac one. I’ve been looking for this airy shade for a long time and it’s the first time I actually found it.

One of the things I love about this nail polish is that it dries really fast, but the color is very light that I have to apply 3 to 4 layers of nail polish before getting my desired color.

Also the bottle is very small, it only holds about 5.5 ml. When I use the nail polish and apply the layers I need, the amount of product in the bottle noticeably decreases. However, if you are the type of person (like me) who likes  to try out different colors then this might be the product for you. You get to try a lot of colors and not waste your money on polish that is unused since there is only a small amount in the bottles.


-Lovely Colors

-Very Affordable

-Dries Quickly


-Not very pigmented

-Small amount of polish ( 5.5 ml)


I would still buy Sweet Closet nail polish because I like experimenting with colors and because it dries really quickly. I might get some more when I go back to Japan.


Krisan SIG


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