{event + play} Real Or Magic?: David Blaine in Manila

My brothers and I have watched numerous episodes of David Blaine performing street magic. From the levitating trick, to the name in ashes trick, and to the many card tricks he performed after. We were always amazed and at the same time curious on how the trick was done.

I guess doubt almost always enters the picture when it comes to things that are hard to grasp. Magic tricks are one of those things that make me want to know how something works. Once I figure out how a trick is done I try to find out how other tricks are done too, curiosity kills me inside so I have to find out how it works.

My cousin loves doing card tricks, and its always a lot of fun to watch him do it. I become a little kid again, waiting to see what he’ll come up with the next time we have a family lunch. In fact, he never leaves the house without a sharpie and his deck of cards.

Though we’re years apart, watching David Blaine is something we both like to watch. Being tricked, being amazed, and being curious is what makes magic so much fun to experience.

DBlaine WM3

We were in the patron seat a few rows away from the stage.

I couldn’t take pictures because I was getting into the show.

David started off with a water trick that was, at first, corny. It was just water. But after drinking 3 liters of water, drinking some flammable substance, spitting out fire and then putting it out with the water he just drank was pretty awesome.

There were also a few card tricks that he had done and it gave me a sense of nostalgia, a trick with 2000 puzzle pieces,  and there was also a trick with an ice pick. That trick made me queasy and squirming in my seat. I like watching horror movies and all that but seeing him drive an ice pick through his hand was just… no, thank you.

Before his final stunt, there was an intermission of various magic and acrobatic acts to entertain us. I loved the way Salah, an animator, was able to control his body whilst being accompanied by music. I’m a dancer, but I’m nothing close to the way this guy moved.

DBlaine WM4 DBlaine WM2

The last stunt David had for us was a tank filled with water…and fish.

I thought he’d do a disappearing act, but instead he did something much simpler. He held his breath underwater.

I didn’t think it was going to be anything special, but when science says you can hold your breath for more than 4 minutes underwater, I wanted to see how long he could do it. In fact, David did this very stunt in New York, it was dubbed being ” Drowned Alive”, and held his breath for 7 minutes and 12 seconds. He had blacked out already and had to be immediately pulled out of the water by the emergency team he had on standby.

It was mind-blowing to see him stay under water for as long as he did. I tried holding my breath from the moment he went in and I could only hold it for a minute and a half. I was half-worried and half-awed by what he was doing. Just when I thought he’d get out of the water, he’d push himself harder to stay submerged.

He finally got out of the water after 10 minutes and 29 seconds. It was a record for the world tour and I got to see that happen. David had to be escorted to the stage to say his final remarks and the audience gave him a standing ovation for his amazing feat.

DBlaine WM1

I really enjoyed the whole show, and I didn’t even realize that so much time had passed. It was definitely something worth watching. Watching him in person was more fulfilling than watching him on television, it probably because he was really charming and interacted well with the audience when performing his tricks.

Smoke and Mirrors are magic tricks that are fun to watch, but watching good ‘ol street magic still blows my mind.


Krisan SIG


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