{beauty + play} Make Up for False Apart

A couple of weeks ago I was asked by my close friend to do their make up for their first single, she’s the vocalist/ bassist of the band, False Apart,  I immediately agreed to do it for her. 

I did a smoky cat eye on Arianne and I used silver, grey, and black to give her eyes more depth and gradation, and the cherry red lip color was chosen so it would match her hair. 

KrisanPort Arianne WM

Ivan is the drummer of the band. His bandmates gave me complete artistic freedom to do whatever I wanted with his make up. His eyebrows were really unique so I gave them more definition and had applied eyeliner on him with the help of Erujie. I contoured his face to make it more defined and styled his hair ala visual kei style. 

KrisanPort Aiban WM

I wasn’t able to get shots of the other 2 guys because all I did was a basic look where i groomed their eyebrows and did some contouring. Plus they had to get shot as soon as I finished their make up since we couldn’t stay long at the venue.

And Thank you to Erujie for taking their awesome photos.

I’ll update as soon as their music video is released!


Check out FALSE APART on Facebook!



Krisan SIG


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