{beautyplay} Make Up Tutorial : f(x) Krystal in RED LIGHT

Kry Redlight Cov

I’ve been following f(x) since their debut and I was more than psyched when I found out about their comeback. I loved how they went from quirky and colorful to mature and edgy. It was a change that I was waiting for them to take, and they didn’t disappoint me in that aspect.

Personally, I found it a bit odd that they only put make up on one of their eyes and leaving the other eye with minimal make up. The more I absorbed the concept, the more the look grew on me. It’s actually a lot less time consuming when you only have to focus on one eye.


This is KRYSTAL‘s look.

The make up artist chose to use mostly black to contrast against her light skin and her blonde hair. She also wears falsies to further emphasize the size of her eye. When you compare it to her other eye, the made up eye looks stronger and fiercer. Everything on the made up eye is darker and more defined and, if you look more carefully, the eyebrows are also filled in.

Screen Shot 2014-07-03 at 12.58.01 PM

Screen Shot 2014-07-06 at 8.20.49 PM

Here is what I did.


Dark Eye Make Up on Right Eye

Circle Lenses

Vampire Red Lips

Krystal Redlight2 WM

The only similarity Krystal and I have is that when there is make up on our eyelids, it isn’t visible when our eyes are open. This is why I applied a lot of black eyeshadow to emphasize my eye. I’ve gotten so used to the color not being seen I’ve learned to blend the dark color upwards towards the brow bone so that it becomes slightly visible.

If your eyes don’t hide under your eye crease then gradually put on the eyeshadow. There is a tendency for your eye to look like you’ve just gotten beat up if too much is applied at first. Trust me, I’ve done that before.

When you’re done with the make up and want to go all out f(x) style, go find a military jacket or a simple top with a lot of gold accessories.


Want to know how I did it?

Here is the MAKE UP TUTORIAL for Krystal’s Look in RED LIGHT.


Krisan SIG


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